Fun At The Lake

Our Grandson was having lots of fun here this past weekend. Daddy and PawPaw were having fun watching him too!


Sabrina, Sam and Simon

Our three siamese cats, Sabrina, Sam and Simon, really love living at the Lake; it’s a lot better for them here than it was when we lived in St. Louis.  They have so much more room to run around in here, and they have a lot more to check out too, since this home has so many more windows than our home in St. Louis did.  Lots of stuff goes on outside here that peaks their interest, and a they have a lot more sunshine to bask in!

It’s a cat’s life here for sure … LOL!

Our Home On Bogue Bay

This is the home my husband and I live in, which is on Bogue Bay at the Lake of the Ozarks … this is the side looking out onto the Lake.  We love having all of the windows on both levels to look out of, and the two decks to relax and have fun on.  And the house is my favorite color…  blue!  Oh, our 3 siamese cats love all of the windows too, lots of bird TV for them … LOL!

And the skies here sure can be beautiful … and very often at that!